Pro Sports Hotels is a unique search engine with sports filters for a range of sports that has been specifically designed to connect Sports Teams, Agents, associations and Sports Hotels together. Pro Sports Hotels filters your requirements using our powerful search engine that guides consumers to the most applicable Hotel for them. Our search engine is backed up by an exclusive comment system, with advice and reviews from fellow sports professionals. Pro Sports Hotels is a simple straight forward process to send your quote request to multiple Sports Agents or multiple Hotels at the click of a button. We are in the process of building our hotels directory and our members include hotels from renowned brands such as the Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Starwood Hotels and Ramada Hotels. Visit our membership page to add your hotel. 

CEO & Founder

Captain Joseph Kevin Marry,
Kevin is a qualified commercial pilot with a keen interest in sport and a vision to simplify and transform sports travel. Kevin set up his first company Epic Air in 2010, which was focused on charter flights. When the conflict in Libya reached a dangerous level the UK government engaged Epic Air to evacuate 600 people. 
Having worked on charter flights for sports teams in different countries, Kevin began to understand the industry and the importance of the relationships Teams have with their Agents and Hotels. With this in mind, we’ve built a one of a kind Search Engine of hundreds of hotels that can aid Sports Teams and Associations to send quote requests to the agent of their choice or the Hotel directly. Providing them with all the information they need to get a range of competitive quotes quickly with the click of a button.
With your support we can take the industry to the Next Level with Pro Sports Hotels